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Spotlight On: Azzi Glasser


For the creation of our three new fragrances, we were honoured to work with famed British perfume designer, Azzi Glasser.

After 20 years as a Creative Director creating scents for multiple brands and businesses, Azzi co-founded Agent Provocateur fragrance and developed her bespoke business. Her creativity, style and unique approach enabled her to build an enviable, iconic client portfolio like no other.

Medeau founder, Allison Stubbings, sat down with Azzi to discuss the creation of the new fragrances in Medeau's collection.

On Evening Blush

"I wanted to make this fragrance really sophisticated but sexy as well, with a richness and depth to it that makes heads turn. So when you walk past you leave that expensive aroma behind."

On Safara

"Safara is such a happy fragrance. It has that vibrance and tenacity that really tantalises all the senses. I wanted to make it quite different to Evening Blush, it's still sexy but in a much more playful softer way, and when I was composing the ingredients I wanted to ensure I told this story."

On Cedar Noir

"Cedar Noir is very unique, it's real magnetic love and I imagine people will get addicted to this one. Moving away from the other two conceptual routes, this one is unisex, and I wanted to cover the whole journey of life where you have that sensuality in the evening and the freshness in the daytime. We needed a fragrance that had that unisex appeal but at the same time was more cool and edgy. I wanted to focus on a scent that worked with your pheromones too. So for Cedar Noir, when you spray it on, your heat will activate it."