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Standards in Perfume - Where Does The Debate Start?

Medeau Origin Bottle

When our founder Alli was pregnant, she looked for a perfume that was non-toxic. After doing some research on the perfume industry and other perfumes available on the market, it became quickly apparent that many perfumes, scents and aftershaves contained ingredients that were not safe for the skin. Alli discovered that, in fact, to protect trade secrets, makers of perfumes are allowed to withhold fragrance ingredients. Therefore, the consumers can’t completely rely on labels to know what potentially harmful ingredients may sit within their favourite perfume.

Whilst this idea seems deceiving, it is completely legal due to a giant loophole in the US Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, which requires companies to list ingredients on their packaging, however, it explicitly exempts fragrance. These findings are what led Alli, and her husband and business partner Ed, to search for a new fragrance, and ultimately led them to create Medeau’s debut scent ‘Origin’. A truly clean and safe fragrance for all.

For Medeau, this raises the question of who is setting the standard for the beauty industry and how can we do our bit to clean it up? We’ve all witnessed the Clean Beauty industry booming over the last few years and at Medeau we would love to see the fragrance industry go in the same direction.

So go and find your favourite perfume, and read carefully through the ingredients list, or refer to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website. An independent coalition of over 100 groups seeking transparency about chemicals in cosmetics, that rated a number of well known perfumes.