"Add modern sophistication to your fragrance collection this year with a warm yet fresh fragrance that is invigorating and rich from new British fine fragrance brand Medeau."

"Origin is an eco-luxe eau de parfum. Here’s a little info… ‘Eco-luxe’ because it doesn’t ride on the hypocritical ‘natural’s train but instead uses a blend of quality bio-identical synthetics when the real botanical is not sustainably available. Vegan, non-dyed, 97% recyclable, formulated and bottled in the UK."
Alice du Parcq

"An English perfume house that is vegan, non-toxic (does not dye the perfume), sustainable (recyclable packaging) and rather beautiful. The debut fragrance is breezy and uplifting, leading to a meadow of blousy florals and a kiss of cashmere musk. Love at first sniff."
Velvet Magazine

"Summer wedding beauty must-haves: Medeau’s debut fragrance is fresh and feminine containing only clean, nontoxic ingredients and made from recycled glass bottled in the UK. The light and timeless scent holds white florals at its heart, complete with notes of vanilla and cashmere musks."

"Modern perfumers Medeau are changing the face of fragrance with an innovative approach to perfumery focusing on sustainability and non-toxic ingredients."
Tatler's Best of British