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Our Ethos & Ingredients

We are transparent

We don’t dye our perfume – you’ll notice that our bottle contains a clear liquid. This is because the dyes used to colour perfume can be notoriously toxic (even if they are natural). We’re also committed to being transparent about what ingredients we do use.

We are non-toxic

All of our ingredients are EWG approved and proven by multiple scientific sources to be non-toxic. We will never formulate with stabilizers, parabens or phthalates – all of which are regularly found in luxury perfumery. We never use limonene, styrene or camphor.

We are vegan

Our elegant formulas only contain ingredients that are safe for you and for the planet. We do not use animal products or bi-products (like musks, nitromusks or ambergris) or animal testing. We are PETA certified, and cruelty free across our whole supply chain.

We are sustainable

Our packaging is consciously designed, and our bottles are 98% recyclable. Our perfumes are formulated and bottled in the UK, supporting British businesses and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

We are scientific

Many brands will tell you that natural ingredients are better for you. Well, we actually disagree. We do formulate with natural ingredients where they are the best option, but we look to science to help us choose bioidenticals where they are more sustainable and synthetics where they are less irritating or less harmful to the body. To us, synthetic is sophisticated.

We are luxury

We believe that people should be rewarded for making better choices. That’s why our particular slice of clean comes with a dedication to giving you that special luxury feeling on top of a clean conscience. You can be safe in the knowledge that our team have done hours of research and ingredient check ups so that you don’t have to. Now we believe that is luxury.