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Our Story

Hello, we are Medeau – we're here to clean up the fragrance industry

When our founder Allison Stubbings was pregnant and searching for a luxury scent that was non-toxic, she simply couldn’t find one. The luxury market was flooded with irritants, synthetic dyes, alarming preservatives and unnecessary plasticisers and natural scents didn’t make her feel as special.

And so Medeau was born.

Inspired by the freshness of English flowers, French luxury and backed by science, Medeau boasts an ingredient list with a conscience as clean and transparent as its bottle. We’re born and bred in the UK and are 100% vegan with no toxic ingredients, dyes or endocrine disruptors.

Now that is luxury perfumery.

Allison Stubbings, Medeau Fragrances
Allison Stubbings – Founder