We really mean it when we say sustainability is everything.

We are one of the first fragrance houses to launch as carbon neutral. We may be small, but our ambition for change is huge.

We have recently partnered with Hormone University and are donating 1% of our profits to them.

We are non-toxic
All of our ingredients are approved by the EWG and proven by multiple scientific sources to be non-toxic. We never formulate with stabilisers, parabens or phthalates.
We are vegan
We do not use animal products or by-products (such as musks, nitromusks or ambergris) or use animal testing. We are PETA certified, and cruelty free across our whole supply chain.
We are sustainable
Our bottles are 98% recyclable and use 25% recycled glass. We use aqueous-based, non-toxic, food-standard paint, the most environmentally conscious coating on the market.

We only use FSC paper
Our fragrances are formulated and bottled in the UK, supporting British businesses and reducing our carbon footprint. Our commitment to small batch production ensures that nothing is wasted.

Our entire ingredients range is sustainable, and we never use endangered or vulnerable plant species such as natural sandalwood. Where possible, we use ingredients from sources that minimise waste: our Virginian cedarwood oil, for example, is taken from offcuts of the American furniture industry.

Our perfumes are formulated and bottled in the UK, supporting British businesses and reducing our carbon footprint.

We are scientific
Many brands will tell you that natural ingredients are better for you. Well, we actually
disagree. We do formulate with natural ingredients where they are the best option, but we look to science to help us choose bioidenticals where they are more sustainable and synthetics where they are less irritating or less harmful to the body.

To us, synthetic can be sophisticated.

We are transparent
Dyes used to colour perfume can be notoriously toxic (even if they are natural) so we simply don’t use them.