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Let your pheromones do the talking with our pacey, animalistic and attractive unisex fragrance, Cedar Noir

Cedar Noir - Unisex Eau de Parfum

When we first started Medeau, we created a fragrance brand made from a direct need from our founder, Alli Stubbings who was searching for a safe yet luxurious fragrance. One which blended the sustainable natural-only ingredient mindset to the creative formulation and sensual feel of luxury fragrances. Our debut floral scent Origin became an instant hit among both consumers and editors alike (bagging us a Tatler Award for Best of British brands). But something was missing. As our brand began to grow, so did our customers’, and our own, need for a sense of adventure, escape and a (scent)orial statement. 

With the vision to create a unisex fragrance, we collaborated with London’s most exciting olfactive couturier, Azzi Glasser. With Azzi’s expert nose and brilliance in composing a fragrance using ingredients that are safe while maintaining a creative concept, Cedar Noir quickly became a Medeau cult favourite. “The main goal when creating a unisex fragrance is its versatility”, says Azzi. “Unisex fragrances for me tend to be less floral and sweet, but will always have that sensuality and longevity that is desired by all.” Cedar Noir became a scent which was darker and more mysterious than any other perfumes within our range. A formula to break the industry fragrance standards and ideologies of gender-focused scents, to appeal to both men and women. 


I wanted a unisex scent that was cool yet sophisticated,
something more raw wilderness and iconic
Alli Stubbings, Medeau founder



So how would we characterise Cedar Noir? “A magnificent woody fragrance, a real head-turner and a molecular spell locked in a bottle”, says Azzi. Described as like walking through a forest smelling all the wonders of nature, the fresh opening of hypnotizing molecular accord of black pepper and bergamot invites you into a hot heart of cedarwood vetiver immersed in amber resins. But one particular magical touch about Cedar Noir is its pheromone-reactiveness to the wearer’s natural scent. “I love how it adapts differently on everyone who wears it”, says Medeau founder Alli. “It smells lighter and more citrusy on me and darker and spicier on my husband. I like to believe this fragrance combines with the wearer’s chemistry to give them the scent they most want to smell.” 

What are you waiting for to feel alive with the scent of Cedar Noir? 

Cedar Noir is like love – you still desire more
Azzi Glasser


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