Unlocking the Power of Scent: Experience the Transformative Benefits of Medeau's Functional Fragrances

Toxic-Free Vegan Safe Luxury Allergen-Free Fragrance

Fragrance has an extraordinary ability to transport us across time and space, re-connecting us to our body’s senses whilst transporting us to our most precious memories and emotions. At Medeau, we believe in channeling this powerful and emotional aspect of fragrance. Our science-backed cruelty-free and safe scents allow you to focus on the wellbeing benefits of our ingredients, rather than worrying about the potential nasties found within a perfume bottle. With each spray on the wrist or nape, Medeau envelopes you and allows you to be in the present moment, connecting your body and consciousness.


A citrusy and floral scent with mood-boosting properties, our original Medeau fragrance helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression while promoting creativity. A formula infused with ingredients selected to arise feelings of a fresh start and new beginnings with elderflower which provides psychic healing, peony which is seductive & calming, amberwood which helps to elevate your mood, and Jasmine which is a natural aphrodisiac. Overall, fragrances that contain these ingredients may help to promote daydreaming by creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere that encourages the mind to wander and explore new ideas and possibilities. 


Our romantic fragrance Siren is charged with sensual ingredients which help you feel magnetic, confident and unstoppable. A formula developed using hedonistic ingredients including peach to help elevate your mood, jasmine to alleviate stress & anxiety, vanilla to naturally release dopamine and musk to balance your emotions. All-together, these ingredients help to enhance romantic feelings and create a sensual atmosphere whilst potentially increasing attraction. 


Feel connected to nature with Lost in The Forest. Filled with ingredients that have a grounding effect on the mind, helping you to feel serene and tranquil. Our unique pheromone reactive formula is enriched with ingredients filled with depth such as geranium to create a calm & balancing atmosphere, cedarwood to enhance concentration and guaiacwood for a sense of tranquility and wellbeing. Fragrances designed with these, described as, ‘earthy’ ingredients, are often used in aromatherapy and other wellness practices to help people connect with their senses and find peace in the present moment.


Summertime in a bottle, Paradiso is an uplifting scent with mood-boosting properties which makes you feel excited and relaxed. A formula which has encapsulated holiday vibes with bergamot which balances your energy levels, magnolia which brings calm & serenity and grapefruit which balances your mood. Generally these ingredients are linked to how you feel on a tropical holiday, mimicking the brain’s response to exposure to sunlight through the release of serotonin which is associated with boosting your mood and helping you to feel calm and focused.

We know finding a fragrance which encompasses your true nature is difficult, which is why we recommend mixing and matching our perfumes to create your very own unique blend. Our functional fragrances are designed for you to create a bespoke scent, allowing you to feel in charge of your own scent journey. Custom scents help to capture your individual personality, but here are a few of our tips to get you started:

  • Rather than spraying one fragrance on top another, mist one scent on your wrist and the other on your neck
  • Heavier scents should be sprayed first as to not overpower the lighter fragrances. We recommend starting with Lost in the Forest as a base as it is a pheromone reactive fragrance which changes according to an individual’s skin PH
  • When layering, remember that the top note is what you first smell, the heart note is usually warmer & softer and the base note is what develops last and stays with you throughout the day