The Truth About Fragrance Safety for Expecting Mothers: Separating Fact from Fiction

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Born out of a personal need for a luxury fragrance whilst pregnant that would not compromise her or her baby’s health, Medeau founder Alli Stubbings sought out answers regarding the safety of wearing fragrances during pregnancy. The truths she discovered were not as expected.

Is fragrance safe to wear during pregnancy? In general the answer is yes, however there are some key components to keep in mind before spraying your favourite fragrance onto your skin. Research has shown that perfumes and other forms of fragrances contain ingredients such as phthalates and xenoestrogens which are hormone disruptors that can cross the placental barrier. Prenatal exposure to these types of chemicals alter the body’s natural production and balance of hormones, which can result in excessive weight gain during pregnancy and gestational diabetes which increases the risk of preterm birth and other birth complications. Additionally, research suggests that long-term exposure to phthalates and xenoestrogens would impact a child’s development later in life. As a consumer reading this, your first instinct would be to switch to natural fragrances, however Alli discovered that these may still not always be the safest option for pregnant women as the use of all-natural ingredients in any beauty product can cause allergic reactions and breathing problems for the mother.

This is where Medeau comes in. We focus on our ingredients in a way that other fragrance brands don’t, making our fragrances safe for pregnant women to wear. Every one of our formulas is science-backed with ingredients which are EWG approved and we use bio-identicals which are safer for your overall health. We consider ourselves a modern, intentional, functional fragrance brand that does not use phthalates, parabens, dyes, stabilisers or nitro musks which, despite being secretly used by a wide range of fragrance brands, have shown time and time again to be a hazard to our health.

Our customer’s experience with fragrance is important to us and above all, we value transparency in our ingredients and formulas allowing everyone to indulge in this small little luxury that has transcended time.

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