The Mental & Emotional Benefits of Non-Toxic Fragrances

Our sense of smell stands as one of the most potent senses, intimately tied to memory and emotion. The psychological impact of scents is immense, and certain aromas can profoundly influence our mood and overall wellbeing. Wearing perfume and experiencing the scent wafting from our skin becomes a cherished ritual for relaxation.

Fragrances are known to be universal mood boosters, as our brains associate specific memories with particular smells. This association can trigger responses in our nervous systems, projecting moods and fostering feelings of happiness, particularly from fragrances which are non-toxic and respect your body’s natural hormonal balance.

Our fragrances, with their allergy-friendly and non-toxic nature, offer distinct merits in the realm of mental health. Unlike traditional industry fragrances that often contain a cocktail of chemicals, our fragrances are crafted to be free from harmful synthetic ingredients. This makes them a safer and more pleasant choice, especially for those with fragrance sensitivities. The unique formulation prioritises your wellbeing, ensuring that the scents you enjoy contribute positively to your mental and emotional state.


A citrusy and floral scent with a mood-boosting effect which helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression while promoting creativity.


A fragrance with ingredients which help to enhance romance, with sensual properties which increase attraction.


A fragrance with a grounding effect on the mind, promoting relaxation, reducing stress and creating a sense of balance and stability.


A fresh, bright and uplifting scent with mood-boosting properties to help you feel energised and invigorated.