Choosing the Perfect Seasonal Fragrance

When it comes to fragrance, we often hear the phrase "signature scent", suggesting that we should stick to one fragrance that defines us. However, at Medeau, we believe that modern fragrance-wearing is all about versatility, experimentation, and self-expression.

With Medeau, you have the opportunity to curate a fragrance experience to match your mood, the occasion, or even the weather. And, the beauty of our scents lies in their versatility. You can blend and layer different ones together to create a unique and personalised fragrance that is truly your own.

If you’re hesitant to depart from your “signature scent”, but want to embrace the opportunity to match your fragrance to the mood and atmosphere of each season, read on for our guide to finding the perfect scent for every time of year.

Spring: Embrace Floral Freshness

As winter gives way to spring and nature bursts into bloom, it's time to reach for light and floral fragrances like Daydreamer. This fresh and sophisticated scent captures the essence of renewal and rejuvenation that comes with the arrival of spring.

Summer: Dive into Citrus and Exotics

With the arrival of summer comes the promise of sunshine and embracing the carefree spirit of the season with refreshing citrus notes like Paradiso. A fragrance inspired by tropical fruits and flowers, transporting you to faraway destinations even if you're just staying at home.

Autumn: Wrap Yourself in Warmth

As the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisp, it's time to cozy up with warm and spicy fragrances like Siren. A soft and comforting scent which wraps you in a cocoon, making even the coldest winter days feel cozy and inviting.

Winter: Indulge in Woody Aromas

When winter arrives, it's all about embracing the comforts of home and the scent of a crackling fireplace like Lost in The Forest. A warm and enveloping scent which is perfect for embracing the tranquility of the season.


Whether you prefer the delicate florals of spring, the tropical fruits of summer, the spicy warmth of autumn, or the cozy comforts of winter, there's a fragrance that perfectly complements each time of year. So why settle for just one scent when you can experience the beauty of every season through fragrance?