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A Selection of Vegan Products from Holly White, Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist

Holly White transitioned to a vegan diet over 7 years ago and is passionate about showing how tasty and easy it can be to eat in a plant-based way.


She is certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and has trained with some of the best vegan chefs around the world including The Wild Food Cafe in London and PlantLab in Los Angeles.

Holly has a passion for vegan food and loves sharing lifestyle tips including meal planning, shopping, navigating social circumstances, supplementing and creating tasty nutrient-dense meals while making it practical and easy.

In honour of Veganuary, Holly has shared some of her favourite vegan products with us.

HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket

Over the past year I’ve really upped my self-care at home. Time has become more precious than ever and investing in my HigherDOSE sauna blanket has been a fantastic idea. I turn it onto a level 8, apply a face and hair mask and turn on a meditation, and get in. Thirty minutes later my body and mind feel like they’ve been in a detox spa for a weekend.

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SEABODY Skincare

I recently discovered a new Irish range called SEABODY, that’s harnessing the power of ocean plants for beauty, wellness and healthy skin through blending science and a genuine passion for sustainability. They've created the most amazing range of high efficacy skincare and supplements allowing me to bring that ocean connection into my home.

SEABODY has a really high tech origin and is created by a marine biotech company that has developed technologies for the isolation of marine molecules from algae using a gentle, eco process with zero waste which they have been perfecting for years.⁣ I adore their Cleanser and Beauty Supplements.

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Holistic Pet Herbs

I feel a happy home is a beautiful one and pets pick up on your energy and we pick up on them.

I have two cats and love these herbs created by Máire Dumigan whose passion lies with the powerful healing effect of plants. She guides you, the animal parent, on how to offer aromatics safely to their animals through self-selection, allowing them to self-medicate and self-heal (scientifically known as Zoopharmacognosy), my cats, Will and Julie, love them and especially around Halloween I noticed they were so much calmer and settled.

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Modern Botany Deodorant and Multi-use Oil

Modern Botany are doctor-led & research-backed; 100% natural, COSMOS-certified; vegan + cruelty-free; based on botanical science; Made with medical-grade ingredients and sustainably packaged. I love their unisex deodorant and the new Recovery Cream.

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Origin by Medeau

Living a conscious lifestyle can be challenging at times but knowing brands like Medeau go to all the trouble to ensure products are clean, ethically sourced and also so beautiful to use and wear makes things easier. I love the fresh scent of Origin and have worn it since the launch!

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Natulique Certified Organic Hair Dye

During the pandemic I got used to colouring my hair at home and discovered Natulique. It’s very hard to find cruelty free effective natural hair colour so this is a bit of a gem.

I touch up my roots at home once a month and love the company ethos.

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White & Green Organic Towels and Bathrobe

White & Green make stunning organic and sustainably sourced bedlinen. When it comes to home investments, beautiful linens and towels are something you will have for so long and it’s worth buying the best you can. My bathroom is my sanctuary and investing in their luxury bath bundle has given it a little makeover. I love their Fairtrade Cotton waffle robe and white towels.

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